Five tips to increase your social media engagement organically in 2018


Social media is a powerful tool for businesses of any size to increase their brand awareness and credibility. Social media marketing plays a vital role in a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

While some say organic SEO is dead, and only PPC Campaign is the way forward, don’t believe a word.

Organic SEO is highly effective when combined with extensively thought out content curation. And this is where social media marketing plays a consequential role which benefits SEO in a number of ways.

A well thought out social media marketing strategy can help you gain broader and more engaged audience.

So, don’t think you can’t grow organically. You can, if you follow these steps diligently:

  1. Know your customers’ persona

Businesses, today, not only want to attract and convert customers, they want to retain them for long-term.

And I am sure that’s what you want to.

So, how to create a loyal brand of customers.

Know your customers persona: Who you want to target, what are their needs and requirements, and how you can fulfil those.

Social media has emerged as a great marketing tool for Brands and they are using them to know the persona of their customers better and understand their wants and needs. Hence to create a loyal brand of customers should be on top of the Brand’s online marketing strategies.

  1. Improve your content with relevant keywords

The demand for content is on the rise. Leading brands have realised that to attract, engage, and retain customers, having high-quality content which engages the audience, can help establish their brand and build trust among the customers.

Content is nothing but storytelling.

Tell you audience an engaging story to get their undivided attention.

But before writing do a keyword search. Use of right keywords can boost organic traffic and engage users. And implement them subtly across the content.

Writing content for SEO is an effective engagement strategy, however use of unnecessary keywords can get you penalised by Google.  Remember that!

  1. Be interactive

You might have great content but are still wondering why it is not showing in your organic traffic?

Everyday over two million blogs are published. In this scenario it becomes easy for your content to get lost in crowd if it fails to engage or excite the audience.

You will be amazed at how contests, puzzles and quizzes can work wonders for companies to increase leads. People love to engage with such content which challenges their knowledge, hence the content should be such which attracts and engages the audience in such a way that they want to come back again and again.

  1. Share the relevant link on various platforms

So, what do you do once you have published a great content on the website?

Well, don’t wait for engagements and impressions to automatically trickle in. Your work is not over yet!

Share, share, and share!

Share the relevant link on as many social media channels as possible. It is not only about sharing the link, you have to also keep in mind the right or the best time to share the links which differs for various platforms.

And don’t forget the use of hashtags liberally, which will help your audience find the right content quickly on a particular topic.

  1. Engaging with the audience

How do you feel when people comment, like or share your posts on social media?

Euphoric, right?

People’s response and comments on your posts show the level of engagement of the audience with your content. It shows people are loving your content.

But the level of engagement shouldn’t start and end with the audience.

You also need to engage with the audience by responding to their comments.


Getting organic traffic from social media engagement is a ‘tough cookie to crack’, if you also factor in the constant changes in Google algorithms, but is not impossible.

Social media has become a catalyst for business growth and brands can no longer underestimate the importance of engagement. With the right plan you can achieve your goal to increase your social media engagement organically in 2018.


Published by Akund Communications

Akund is a full-service communication consultancy firm based in Mumbai that offer services in the areas of Media Relations, Content Development, Crisis Management and Crisis Correction, CSR, Media Coverage and Monitoring, Launch & Media Events, Social Media & Online Reputation, and Market Research & Survey.

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